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Category: Arts:Food

Join Justin and Andy as they break up the monotony of their 30’s with conversation and food. We’re talking low-prep, no-prep libation and grub, paired with easy listening.

The First Snackmas

December 20, 2019

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Snackmas! Join Justin and Andy this week as they put on their smoking jackets and sit by the fire, admiring the fine work they’ve done on their Snackmas tree with drinks and a holiday snack as recommended by SnackPack member Mara! What’s that under the Snackmas tree? A present? It’s the SnackPack, because dang it you all are the best present SnackDown can receive.

Happy Holidays to you and your family. Be safe, eat well, and spread cheer during the season of togetherness!

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