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Category: Arts:Food

Join Justin and Andy as they break up the monotony of their 30’s with conversation and food. We’re talking low-prep, no-prep libation and grub, paired with easy listening.

Popcorning: Art, Tradition (With Bryan Whisman The Brother)

February 28, 2020

Justin and Andy are finally graced this week with guest and brother, Bryan. Justin pulls out his most sacred appliance to make popcorn using the family technique passed down through generations. The guys taste test homemade popcorn, powdered flavors, and different types of store bought flavors. Along with the popcorn, nice refreshing Titos and Crans and Washinton Apples are enjoyed. Your appetite better be as big as Justin's popcorn bowl, because this episode is filled to the brim.

Thank you for being in the SNACK PACK! We appreciate you joining us this week in catching up. 

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